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Social Feed for Facebook

Social Feed for Facebook

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Social Feed for Facebook

Easily share your company's Facebook page posts to one, or many, digital screens. Log in to your Facebook account and select the business page you'd like to show. Choose whether you'd like to add a QR code to encourage more viewers to follow your page. Once connected, your screen will display the latest updates posted on Facebook.

  • Re-use Content With Ease. Producing good quality content is difficult and time-consuming. Snappy Facebook posts with good media are ideal for consumption on screens as well. Social Feed for Facebook is a one-time setup, then runs itself.
  • Your Media Looks Superb. Facebook posts support many combinations of media, from single to multiple images, and videos of course. The app supports all of them, adapting the layout to make best use of whatever you provide.
  • Drive Engagement on Your Page. Use the optional QR code feature to display a QR code for each individual post. Screen viewers can scan the code and instantly be taken to Facebook on their phones, pushing more engagement your way.


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