A Beginner’s Guide to Google Chromecast

An introduction to the Chromecast: what it is, how it works and ideas on what to do with it.

1. How to set up a Google Chromecast

1.1. Plug your Chromecast into the TV Use the HDMI lead from your Chromecast to plug it into the back of your TV. Then put the USB into either your TV as well, or into a power supply. Ensure that both the Chromecast device and the PC or smartphone you’ll use to set it up are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

1.2. Set up your Chromecast Follow this guide to set up your Chromecast, depending on whether you’re using a smartphone or computer to pair your devices. Please note: your Chromecast must be on the same Wi-Fi network as the device you are using to control it.

1.3. Download the Google Home app Using your smartphone, you’ll need to download the Google Home app. You can do this from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you’re using an Android device, this may already be installed. If you’re using Chromecast with a computer (rather than a mobile device), you don’t need the Home app. Instead, ensure you have Google Chrome installed. Just head to Google Chromecast in your Chrome browser and follow the on-screen instructions.  

2. What can you do with a Chromecast?

2.1. Need some inspiration on what to do with your Chromecast once setup? Here are a few ideas: Share something from your computer to the big screen If you want to showoff a photo album to family, the cast feature of Chromecast is a great way to put your content up on a bigger screen. This can be done directly from the Chrome browser on your computer by selecting “Cast”.  

2.2. Stream apps Chromecast gives you access to apps such as Netflix, Spotify, HBO Now, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube and Google Play Movies. Just note that Chromecast doesn’t give you automatic access to the content on apps such as Netflix, so you’ll need to set up a Netflix account first.  

2.3. Cast Facebook Live Facebook Live is a great way to broadcast content in real time. But watching it on the big screen could be even better. Chromecast gives you the power to send a Facebook Live broadcast to a TV, as long as your device and the TV are on the same Wi-Fi network.  

2.4. Give presentations It’s super simple to cast a presentation from Google Slides, Powerpoint or a PDF directly to screen using the Cast button and because the presentation is cast from a laptop or smart device, it’s easy to control slides.  

3. Google Chromecast question buster

3.1. What channels are available on Chromecast? Some of the most popular content sources on Chromecast for the UK are BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube and Google Play. Other channels for a US market include Pandora, Hulu Plus and HBO Go, the Washington Post’s PostTV, Red Bull.TV and more. For the full list of available channels visit: https://store.google.com/product/chromecast_2015_apps.  

3.2. Can I watch live TV on Chromecast? Chromecast gives you access to a variety of TV streaming apps. However, any paid channels such as Netflix require individual subscriptions.  

3.3. Can you use Chromecast without any cables? To use a Chromecast you’ll need the Chromecast device itself, a TV with a HDMI port (which is most TVs), a Wi-Fi connection and a computer or mobile device.

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