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Did you know that visuals get 94% more views than text-based information? With digital signage, you can enhance the visitor experience of your Fitness, Gym, or stadiums. Using the digital screens around you, our digital signage software lets you display class schedules, promote your social media and share important notices at the click of a button.

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AISCREEN makes managing screens throughout your gym or fitness organization, a breeze

Money saving

Get rid of the recurring costs for producing of the printed ad leaflets, notices, schedules and menu boards. Just send the needed file to the screens across all of your branches instantly.

Advertising incomes

Attract ad budgets from sporting goods and nutrition manufacturers by providing the unique ad placement opportunities on the remotely managed digital screens.

Interactive possibilities

Reduce reception desk queues, free up an administrative staff time for what matters and get patient feedbacks through the implementation of interactive self-service tools.

Single infortainment channel

Create and easily update a useful information flow within your screens, combining ads with news, social media, weather forecast and entertainment content inside of your playlists.

Simple management

Centrally manage screens across your entire branch network from home, office, beach or whatever. The CMS is intuitive and does not require any special learning.

Brand success

Image matters. Tell engaging stories about your gym, present your coaches, their achievements and best practices. Create a sense of belonging to common victories.



Our Customer Success and Marketing teams are dedicated to helping you set up, troubleshoot and come up with amazing content ideas.

Easy Setup, Easy To Scale

AIScreen works on easy-to-organize hardware like a screen you already have and a simple media device like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromebit.

Bring screens to life with 150+ integrated apps

Use GroupEx PRO to organize your classes? Then adding your gym schedules to your digital signage screens is one click away with our GroupEx PRO integration. We also provide the ability to upload PDFs, images and Google Slides, helping you to share your important class schedules and social media feeds with no design required.



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