Retail Digital Signage

Catch Your Customer’s Eye and increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%

Online is great an’ all, but the real magic for most retail stores happens when customers are physically there, in store. Digital signage is proven to affect purchasing decisions in nearly half of all audiences, and gets 80% of shoppers to go into stores in the first place.

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Retail Digital Signage

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AIScreen gives you the tools to easily create, and scale, eye-catching in store digital signage for your brand

Cut of the fixed costs

Get rid of the recurring costs for producing and placing of the printed ad materials. Just create a new file and send it across all of your screens instantly.

Sales growth

Digital signage system implementation increases overall sales in the retail stores by 32% in average. Use eye-catching selling content, tell the stories, engage.

Increasing the number of impulse purchases

About 20% of people claimed they made an unplanned purchase because of digital signage impact. Posting your special deals at the right time and on the right screens.

Advertising incomes

Attract budgets from the third-party advertisers by providing the unique ad placement opportunities on the remotely managed digital screens of high-resolution.

Interactive experience

Up-sell and Cross-sell inside of your stores, get the actual feedbacks from your customers through introduction of the interactive scenarios within the touch monitors.

Lack of influence of the human factor

Exclude store staff from the promos change process. Schedule it ahead and upload remotely. Track the loading status and playback statistics of each content.

Seriously good support

Need help with getting setup or got a question about content? Contact our team by phone or email.

Easy setup, easy to scale

AIScreen works on consumer-ready hardware that you can procure easily and allows multi-screen management from any location.

Tools to repurpose existing content for your digital screens

With our free apps to choose from, you can repurpose existing content and connect with your customers through social media, loyalty campaigns and reward systems shared on screen. Helping you to design screen-ready in store content from Twitter, Instagram, Noticeboard, Dropbox and more.


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