Create meaningful digital experiences
on your screens

AIScreen lets you set up and grow a screen network. Easily create or connect important information to your screens. Manage every kind of content and simply amplify what matters to your audience.

« Figuring out how to use AiScreen's cloud-based software was the simplest thing. You just choose a picture, upload it and set a schedule. It’s intuitive and simple. AiScreen makes it very simple to push out digital messaging internally to end-users. »

Walt Cornell Director of IT departament at Superior Coffee



Get set up easily, test and preview content, and build a network with the ability to scale. Create and manage customer experiences that drive sales, boost revenue, and maximize the ROI of every single customer that steps inside.

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Log in to our online platform, and plug in the Device to your screen via HDMI


Add videos, images, web pages or one of ready-to-use integrations.


Schedule content, scale your digital sign network, and simple control all your screens.

  • For Scheduled Content

    Whether it’s a notice that needs to go out next month, or a company-wide All-Hands that needs to take over every screen now, AiScreen empowers you and your team to manage what’s playing, and when.

  • The Screen Will Never Blank

    Your screens will work always, even if the internet is disconnected. Content is updated via WiFi and stored on the device. Once the internet is on, the device automatically connects and updates your content.

  • Keep Your Content Fresh

    Your digital signage content has the most impact when it’s meaningful in the moment. Fix a typo or upload a new piece of content to AiScreen and your screens will reflect the change in seconds.

  • Ready-made Apps and Live Feeds

    150+ free apps integrate content from tools you already use, like Calendar, YouTube and Social Media. Plus, live feeds to easily syndicate local information like weather, news and stocks.

Discover over 1500 professional templates brought to life for you.

  • Multiple Orientations

    For an eye-catching look, try installing your screens vertically rather than horizontally. AIScreen works seamlessly with any combination of landscape or portrait displays.

  • Live Content Preview

    Make sure that your displays look great from wherever you are. Set up your content and preview what's playing on any of your displays.

  • User Group Management

    Create multiple users with different roles. Granular user management defines exactly tasks, content and players each user can access.

  • Proof of Play

    Gain Realtime insight to your content playback, slice & dice reports, schedule reports to users or export to data for your own reports.


AIScreen lets you easily and intuitively: set up screen networks, create, edit or connect important information.

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