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The Powerful Ways You Can Upsell with Digital Signage

According to Shopify, “31% of brands say they plan on establishing or expanding their physical retail footprint in the next year, but 47% are concerned that securing affordable commercial leases will be one of their biggest challenges.” Digital sigange can be a powerful marketing tool for retailers looking to boost their sales.

Successful up-selling is essential for any business, as you will increase your revenue and profit. However, that is only the obvious benefit of selling up. There are multiple other benefits to utilizing digital sigange to upsell, like improving customer experience and creating loyalty. For a retailer looking to upsell, here are the ways you can maximize the ROI on your digital signage.



1. Highlight Product Features

Shopify notes that “81% of Gen Z consumers prefer to shop and discover new products in-store, and more than 50% use in-store browsing as a way to disconnect from the digital world.” Use your digital menu boards to do more than just list your product and service offerings. For instance, highlight the unique features and benefits that each offers as part of your promotions for these offerings. Do it in such a way that grabs the customer’s attention for a better outcome.

Indeed, customers will be able to move quickly through the decision-making process when they have the right information. With this, cross-selling and upselling your patrons should be rather easy.

2. Point to the More Expensive Items

Yes. Upselling with digital signage can be as easy as drawing the attention of your visitors to the more expensive items in your retail store. Most times, some items may be slow selling because they aren’t getting enough one-on-one attention from the customers. 19% of customers made impulse purchases after seeing digital ads. You may be able to see a shift in your sales numbers if you shine the spotlight on the more expensive items you are trying to sell on your digital signage.

3. Advertise Limited-Time Offers

Customers are almost always willing to pay more for temporary items. Think of seasonal items or your very own customized limited-time offers.

Let the promotions for these items take up enough real estate on your video walls and your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and across other social media platforms. Do this, and you can successfully create the short-term demand to drive your upselling campaign.

4. Highlight Thresholds for More Benefits

Use your digital displays to highlight additional benefits and incentives to get your customers to purchase and spend more. For example, think of discounts and rewards.

Rewards can be especially effective in getting your clients to push their spending just a little more than they may have planned to spend. Whatever your line of business, a complimentary item or service is always a good idea. For quick-service restaurants or a diner, offering a free drink, for example, with a purchase worth a certain amount, will certainly encourage your guests to push their spending.

5. Promote the Impression of Saving

You can do more upselling by creating combos packages and deals which come across as great for saving. This is a great upselling technique you can apply anywhere, right from a retail store, to restaurants and dealerships.


Of course, these deals may not always mean actual savings for your clients. The general idea is to use your digital signage to highlight these packages and have your clients feel like they are saving money and getting a great deal.

Visual Storytelling

If you create a consistent visual story you can upsell just about anything to anyone. Indeed, up to 85% more customers are more likely to buy something after watching a product video.

Not any video will do. You have to put thought into your content for upselling with digital signage to work for you. Therefore, give context to your content and create that visual story instead of diving into the generic. You will need just a moment to convince a customer to go for something else or more, so make it count with a visual story.

Relevant and Non-Intrusive

Ditch all the over-imperative language in your content and make the ads displayed on your digital signs less vague. The essence of digital signage content that sells is communicating value.

What’s more, put out there what value the customer will get from your offerings, and create that appeal to buy, instead of forcing clients to buy. Relevant and highly-targeted content will turn around your upselling with a digital signage campaign.

Tactical Signage Placement

Whether you are running a promotion for items, your clients are familiar with or introducing a new item, where you place your digital displays can make a world of difference.

For example, having promos pop near your point of sale or checkout is a great way to upsell, as you will be reaching out to a customer who is already ready to make a purchase. On the whole, you want to keep your digital displays where visitors can quickly see them.

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    The Powerful Ways You Can Upsell with Digital Signage

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