Microsoft Outlook Calendar

You can add Outlook Calendar to your big screens TV easily with OptiSigns. Our app work with both Office 365 Calendar and Calendar.

1. Create a shareable link

1.1. First, go to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, click on the gear icon in the top right, then View all Outlook settings in the bottom right.  

Microsoft Outlook

1.2. Open the Calendars -> Shared Calendars tab, under Publish Calendar select the calendar and permissions and click the Publish button.

1.3. Click on the link next to the inscription HTML, and then the Сopy link button.

2. Add Microsoft Outlook App on AIScreen

2.1. Open AIScreen App Store and click the button Open App Store.

2.2. Click on the search box then write Outlook and select the Microsoft Outlook app.

2.3. After opening the modal, click Go to App.

2.4. Then paste the Shared link to the corresponding field, write the app name in the Instance name field and click Save.

Microsoft Outlook

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